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Bio Multiwash
It does a far more impressive job than water alone.

Enriched with a crystal-ion natural marine mineral, Bio Multiwash washes harmful substances on your fruits and vegetables away with the essence of the ocean.

Its gentle, easy rinse-off formula cleans your fresh produce effectively with high anti-bacterial and dirt-removing functions. This makes it not only safe for food, but also for cleaning your baby-feeding tools.










Bio Multiwash (500ml)

Water, Citric Acid, Lauryl Glucoside, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sea Salt, Sodium Benzoate, Broccoli Sprout Extract.

Direction for use
1. Add 1 tablespoon of Bio Multiwash to 5 litres of water and stir well.
2. Place fresh produce into the mixed solution for 5-10 minutes.
3. Gently rinse off with water.
4. Dry and store fresh produce into the fridge to extend its shelf life up to 5 times longer.


100% food-grade ingredients
An environmentally friendly and concentrated formula safe for direct food contact, free from harsh chemicals.

Antiseptic and antitoxin functions
Kills bacteria and lurking microorganisms on your fruits and vegetables.

Removes pesticides, wax and impurities
Effectively removes harmful substances on your fresh produce with a plant-based cleaning agent.

Longer shelf life of produce
Extends the life of your fresh produce up to 5 times longer.

No odour and aftertaste
Removes odour of chemicals, raw meat, etc., while enhancing the natural flavours of your food with no weird aftertaste.

Safe for baby-feeding tools, toys and accessories
It is a pH-balanced formula that is gentle on skin and baby items.