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Product Warranty (Product Warranty PDF Download)

Product Warranty (Product Warranty PDF Download)

Penta-Core Hertz Water Activator is a portable device that generates a resonant frequency, activating your drinkable liquids through the unique method of "no addition, no contact".

This patented technology converts the frequency, structure, viscosity, and energy of your water into low-frequency healthy water. By changing the molecular bonding angle of water, it increases 6 times the absorption rate of water in your body. With that, toxins are swiftly flushed out of the cells and recharged with nutrients.

Water produced by the Penta-Core Hertz Water Activator is arranged in a linear structure, which helps you to neutralise free radicals, increase oxygen content, repair body cells and reduce blood viscosity. Drink it regularly to increase your cellular hydration.

Being healthy and vital is just sips away.












Battery capacity 1,200mA

Container volume 4L

Rated voltage 100-240V

Charging port USB Type-C cable


Terahertz waves
Decreases 600 times water viscosity, enabling the viability of antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal cells. It also increases 4 times the antioxidant benefits and 2 times the radiation resistance for better water quality and health protection.

Applicable to all drinkable liquids
Activates all drinkable liquids, such as milk, fruit juice, alcohol and cooking oil.

Simple and easy to operate
Serves your activated drink in just 3 minutes.

Large container capacity
Holds up to 4 litres of liquid.

Easy to carry
Allows you to activate liquids anytime, anywhere with a lightweight design.

Product safety testing and certification
Quality and safety are assured with RoHS, FCC, CE, and IEC certified.

Quality materials
Food-grade and durable BPA-free plastic for water storage up to 100°C.

Long-lasting battery life
Can be used up to 150 times in a single charge.

Important notice:
1. Everyone can enjoy it, but people with a cardiac pacemaker, or on long-term use of heart medication like cardiotonic should avoid it.
2. Please do not activate Penta-Core Hertz Water Activator on metal containers or store the processed water in such containers. The frequency can be interfered with, resulting in disturbed molecular sequencing of liquid molecules.