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Quality Sleep, Healthy life

Transform your sleep experience with the Beauty Mattress Topper, which combines five powerful technologies to enhance your sleep quality and promote a healthier lifestyle. Experience full body detoxification, strengthen your immune system, enhance heart function, improve blood circulation, revitalize body cells, and improve sleep quality. Ensure it will empower you with revitalized health, youthfulness, and boundless energy to conquer each day with unstoppable vigour!



Equipped with nine layers, meticulously crafted to ensure optimal comfort for a restful sleep experience. Constructed with high-elasticity Polyester fibers (PET fiber) which offers exceptional durability and resilience. Layers of sponge, needleless cloth, hard quality cotton, and anti-slip mat offer an extended comfort yet supportive surface that maintains its shape over time. What sets this mattress apart is its unique components in layers: terahertz wave magnetic, negative ion cloth, and far infrared layers, each adding remarkable benefits to your body's well-being.


Five technologies including negative electrical potential, 7.8 hertz, terahertz, negative ion, and far infrared, are the powerful elements enabling us to experience natural sensations through frequencies, guiding us to have a stable sleep and easily drown into deeper sleep. These innovative components work together, creating a sleeping environment that not only comforts your soul but also rejuvenates your body, making every night's rest an invigorating experience.


The mattress has a main processor that serves as a controller, making it effortlessly applicable to your nightly sleep routine. With DC Revive, it allows you to have health and wealth from a restful night with the combination of the most 5 powerful elements in the universe!












Beauty Mattress Topper

Dimension: 910mm(L) x 200mm (W) x 485mm (H)

Net Weight: 5.4kg
Power switch:100-240V/ ≤ 3.5mA


Main processor

Size: 230mm x 65mm x 125mm
Material/ Colour: ABS/ Orange

Power switch: 5V/2A


A combination of 5 technologies


Negative Electrical potential (NEP)
NEP helps body transmit cell signals to cells and heartbeat to function more smoothly. It helps regulate acid-base balance of our body, enhances the permeability of cells’ membranes, regulates hormones and increases the vitality of cells


7.8Hertz (Schumann Resonance)

A frequency of Mother Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm that balances frequency to stimulate and improve deep sleep, enhances learning or memory, and improves stress tolerance.



A hertz which able to improve water inflow through the cell membrane, strengthen immune system and increase oxygen delivery to the brain


Negative ion

Ions that can eliminate positive ions to improve overall health, achieve relaxation and sleepiness, improve autonomic nerve function and oxygen absorption capacity.


Far Infrared

A form of radiant energy that can penetrate the body deeply without harming our skin. Able to expand blood vessels to enhance blood circulation, disease-fighting immunity, revitalize body cells and promote burning fats.


Smart Operational Panel
All easy-to-use functions in one main processor.



Protected by our Worldwide Warranty for 3 years.


Important notice

Attention should be given to those using:

  • Those with limited mobility, blurred reactive consciousness, extreme fatigue, patients, elderly, children, infants, individuals with sensitive skin, taking sleeping pills, and those who are in a drunken state.
  • This product is not suitable for children to use, unless parents or guardians have set it up in advance, or children have been provided with sufficient guidance on its use.
  • We advise those with a pacemaker or metal implants not to turn on the Potential button. (Other features in this device can be activated)